Cat dolls
Handmade dolls
Marina Dovgal-Simovic is a mother of three little daughters. Though being very beautiful and slim, likes fitness trainings. Seems, she is a perfectionist in every detail of her life. That is probably why she creates such wonderful dolls – each of them has its own look! The dolls are completely made of textile, and in spite of this fact, they firmly stand on the surface. You may treat these cat dolls as a fantastic interior item or as a good behaviour prize for the kids :-)
NOTE: each doll is a unique one so YOUR doll will have some details different from that ones on the picture. We will offer you a few dolls for choosing according to your own preferencies (color, clothes) after you send us the Wishlist.

Lifehuck from Oxana&Konstantin: last year we celebrated a wedding anniversary. To remember this celebration we gave Marina an idea and in 2 weeks our small doll copies were ready! Now every guest of our home is delighted looking at these dolls. So, just let us know your ideas, and Marina will do a great job, we are sure. Even in case of elephant or frog :-)

Material: Textile items

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