Egyptian cat
Family ceramic studio Branka and Zeljko Djalac live and work at the picturesque Skadar lakeshore. Though they are specialized on the birds and fish figurines they dedicate the winter for work over "Cats of Kotor"s order. The process of handmade ceramics production is time and efforts consuming. If winter is rainy, Branka and Zeljko must wait for a long time while the articles are fully dried. And only after that the articles are roasted under the temperature 1000-1100 degr. On the contrary, in summers the articles are being dried quickly, too quickly which may lead to the articles' fragility.
Egyprian cats (sphinx) are known as good hunters on snakes, that is why the sailors have been bringing them to Kotor since many snakes live in the mountains. Since then the Kotor's cats have long legs and very short fur. Dioxide covered, a tail and ears are glazed.
H~18 cm
NOTE: each figurine is a unique one so YOUR figurine will have some details different from that ones on the picture. We will offer you a few figurines for choosing after you send us the Wishlist.

Material: Ceramics

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